Community Summer Study 2013


The American Physical Society's Division of Particles and Fields is pursuing a long-term planning
exercise for the high-energy physics community. Its goal is to develop the community's long-term
physics aspirations. Its narrative will communicate the opportunities for discovery in high-energy
physics to the broader scientific community and to the government.

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Big Questions for our universe.

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Call for contributed papers:

We encourage any group or individual with interest in the future of high-energy physics to submit a White Paper on any subject relevant to the study. We also encourage any person or group with new scientific results relevant to the Snowmass study to submit the writeup of their analysis. These contributions will be published in the Snowmass 2013 Electronic Proceedings, hosted by eConf(external link) at SLAC. To submit a paper, or to view an indexed list of the submitted papers, please visit the Proceedings web site(external link).

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